My Art works is a question about the concept ( Work ) and its relationship to Youth and the Job market,as well the social plagues that are assosiated with unemployment and the possible means,that right change each society.
Amonge the objectives i try to touch is to develop artistic expression and the concept of Art in society and its private surrounding.


Mustapha Akrim Born in 1981 in Salé Morocco,lives and works at Salé Rabat.Graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts 2008 in Tetouan,Morocco.

Solo Exhibithion

"Article 13" L'appartment 22 independent venue for contemporary art. Rabat,Morocco.2011

Group Exhibition

2011. "Surveillé(e)s Curated by Abdellah Karroum.Délégation Artistique de L'appartment 22.La Halle (Pont-en-Royans,France).Grand Séchoir (Vinay;France),and Chàteau du l'Arthausière (Saint-Bonnet-de-Chavagne).
2011. Project and space (Viennafaire 2011) Vienna, Austria
2010. "A Proposal for Articulating Works and Place (Part 2)"Museo Riso and Gam Curated by Abdellah Karroum.Marrakech,Morocco.
2009. "Slave" Institut France.Windhoke,Namibia.
2007. "Rythme taille" Cube Austrian Center.Rabat,Morocco.
2007. Rencontre d'Arles.Arles,France.

Awards and Residencies

2011. Pice LENIKUS (Program Artist-in-Residence) 2011-2012 Vienna,Austria
2010. Fellowship Residency, City international des Arts.Paris,France
2009. Shatana Artist Workshop,Jordan
2009. Tulipamwe Artist Workshop,Namibia
2008. "Chantier" Residence at L'appartment 22,Rabat.Morocco

Mustapha Akrim
cell:(+212)6 68 01 76 85
tel.:(+212)5 37 87 56 05